Mortgage Loans


How do I qualify for a mortgage loan?

Does it matter which bank I apply to for a mortgage loan?

Should I apply with multiple banks? If so how many applications before my credit score is negatively impacted?

Does it help if I apply at the bank where I already have an existing checking or savings account?

I'm currently employed and am thinking of changing employers. Will this impact my ability to qualify for a mortgage loan?

I'm currently employed and am thinking of starting my own business. Will this impact my ability to qualify for a mortgage loan?

If I don't qualify for a mortgage loan do I have other options to purchasing a home?


There's many options that may fit your needs and budget with regards to a mortgage loan. I recommend we have an initial consultation to see which lender best fits your situation, needs, etc. There are numerous variables that make a huge difference in which lender may assist you. Here are a few items that are very common:

  • Whether you are a W-9 employee or 1099 self-employed/contractor

  • What your income level, debt obligations, and/or credit score are

  • How long you have been employed

  • If self-employed, you typically need at least 2 (two) IRS tax returns showing an adequate financial performance

These are just a few issues that may disqualify you with one lender and yet be qualified with a different lender. An experienced and successful real estate professional can point you in the right direction when it comes to the initial qualification as well as navigating the complex mortgage loan process.

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